Carmine's Pizzeria - Pizza for 100 ppl

Carmine's Pizzeria - Pizza for 100 ppl


Reserve This Deal Today with a 20% Deposit


Description: Carmine's Pizzeria - Pizza for 100 people will include 24- 16' pizza with your choice of toppings on the pizzas. Salad for 75 people. You can choose up to three salads types - House, Chicken Caesar or Antipasto Salad. This will be catered for pickup and includes red pepper flakes, parmesan cheese and salad dressing Delivery available with extra charge. Tax is included / Gratuity is NOT included.


Original Value: $1500

$15 per person for a group of 100


The Sandbox Experience Price: $1200

$12 per person for a group of 100


Reserve this deal today with a 20% deposit to be charged upfront, along with a 3% processing fee.  The remaining 80% balance to be paid directly to the merchant upon redemption, as well as any applicable sales tax. Gratuity is not included.