Casino Events - Three hours of casino entertainment

Casino Events - Three hours of casino entertainment


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Description: Casino Events - This is for Three hours of casino entertainment. Six Blackjack tables, 1 craps table, and 1 Roulette table. Price includes set-up prior to the start of the party, Dealers Professionally Dressed. Funny Money to get the gaming started, high-quality chips, vouchers of raffle tickets for awarding of prizes, removal of equipment when the party is completed. Most table games will seat seven players, craps table comes with three dealers to run the game, for craps tables all bets are paid just like a real casino. Our roulette table is an American style (zero, double zero) and comes with 11 unique colored chips to track player's bets. The deal is only valid January- November and based on availability.


Original Value: $1590


The Sandbox Experience Price: $1440


Reserve this deal today with a 20% deposit to be charged upfront, along with a 3% processing fee.  The remaining 80% balance to be paid directly to the merchant upon redemption, as well as any applicable sales tax. Gratuity is not included.